feature image of money hacks secret of passive income
feature image of money hacks secret of passive income

Money Hacks – 7 Secret To Getting Rich From Passive Income


Have You Ever Imagine to ride in the Bentley or Mercedes with your Girlfriend or Maybe Wife and Family. Just Imagine how was that movement is going to be. Many People Ask the Same Question Again and Again, and that is “How to Become Rich” or “How to Become Rich Quick”.

But, You Know Becoming Rich is Not Overnight, It Takes Years and Years of experience and Works, Only after that You can Become Rich.

In this post, you will Know what Rich knows about the Money and you don’t, this is how you can use the Technique of Money Hacks and implement in your life to Have a Rich Life Style with Passive Income, Also we have Shared Some Tips to become Rich that we do believe will help you in Becoming Rich

But Before we Proceed Further, at First You Need to know where exactly you are Right Now. Write down in a paper.

Write Down Where are you now and Where You want to be in the Next Few Years?

If your Monthly Revenue is still Only 500 Dollar then, Write it Down and also Write it Down How much Monthly Revenue You Want (e.g 5,000,000 Dollar/Month)… Now You can Read this Post.

Now Let me Tell You Little Bit About Money


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What is Money?

Money is Nothing But Just an Exchange of Value in return. The More Value you Provide to Your Customer The More you gonna Earn. Money cannot Stay to Those Persons who Cannot handle it. Knowing How to Make Money is a Gift, A Gift that Everyone Could Not have.

Let me Make you Clear that If a Rich Want to Buy Something, that Maybe a Car or Building Even a Company then they Don’t Save Money to Buy all these Stuff, Instead they Earn that Amount of Money to Buy that Stuff. This is one of the Best Tips to Become Rich


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But Poor, Save the Money in Bank Account and then they Purchase High Ticket Product or stuff. This is Why Poor Remains Poor and Rich Become Richer.

If You Read this Article at that point in time you will Know one of the Most Trending Question and that is “How to Become Rich”.

How Does Money work?

Have you Ever Imagined, that We Love Money, But What Money Loves…Most Probably you have Not Though of this Question in your Life Before. Let Me Tell You.

Money Loves Speed, The More Value You Provide the More you Earn, but if you provide More Value with More Speed then You will Become a “Fortune” In Your Industry.

Money Working is as Simple as this, Let me Make you Understand Using Example.

If You want to Earn about 1 Million Dollar then there are two ways for Doing this, Either You Work for a Company and Make 1 Million Dollar in 40 Years or Be an Entrepreneur and Earn 1 million Dollar within a Month.

But Unfortunately, There is No Proven Path to become an Entrepreneur. Can anyone Teach you that, if you walk in this Path then you will definitely become Entrepreneur…Of-Course Not.

An Entrepreneur can Only Show you that there is Your Goal, But you have to Walk Alone, Also Walking Alone Make you More Stronger. That’s why Only very few People are Entrepreneurs because they Walk Alone and Crowed Population is Just Doing Job in Company or Somewhere else.

Cash Flow

Cash Flow can easily be Defined as the Cash Inflow your Bank account and Cash Outflow From Your Bank Account.

Cash Inflow Means that the Cash that Credited in your Bank account and Cash Outflow Means that the Cash that debited from your Bank Account. If Their is More Cash Inflow in your Bank account as Compared to Cash Outflow, then it is Considered as the Postive Cash Flow.


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Now, Tell Me How Many transactions you Perform Per Day, If you are Simple College Boy then Most Probably you gonna have Very Transaction from You Bank Account within a Month, but if you see an Entrepreneur then they have Over 40 Transaction Per Day from Their Bank Account.

You Know Why?

This is Because You Withdraw Money for Parties and Having Pleasure with the Money, Which Will give you no Return, But Entrepreneur Withdraw Money to Invest which Gives them More High Return.

Also, Remember that Every Entrepreneur Cheak their Cash Flow Statement Per Week.

Unlock Your Full Capacity with Money

Many People Claims that Money has Changed them, But Let Me Make You Clear that money Don’t Change Who you are Instead Money is An Amplifier, that Amplifies the “Real You”.

If You are Bad, then Money will Make you More Bad and If you are Generous then Money will make you More Generous, and People Who Use Money in the Wrong Way, Usually Money Don’t Stay with them. Because Money Says, that If you can Handle me, I am With you, But If You Cannot Handle Me, I Will Get Lost from your Life.


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So, As You Know that Money is an Amplifier, When you have more money at that time your Real face will Come Out, Your Real Potential will come Out.

And Beleive me You will Get Amazed that it’s You…and after that when you will look at your Past, you will see that, at Old Days you have Very Bad Self Image,  but Today When you Earn Passive Income then You have More Great Self Image in your Mind.

Yes, Self Image is the only thing that is Holding You Back from your Success. When you have No Success in life, Your Mind Thinks that I am a Loser, but as soon as You started getting Some Success and Your Mind Thinks No I will Become an Entrepreneur, then it Starts creating Great Self Image in Your Brain

Have You seen that how Your Mind Thinking Change as you started getting Some Success and this Postive Thinking Build Your Self Image?

Wealth Triangle

Now, What Does this Wealth triangle means? Let me Explain to You What Wealth Triangle Represent.

Wealth Triangle Represent Three Proven Path to Become Rich.

  1. High-Income Skill
  2. Scalable Business
  3. High Return Investment


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Yes, In Simple Language if you Follow Wealth Triangle, then There are Higher Chances that you will become Rich.

So, Let’s Understand Each term in-depth.


High-Income Skills are those Skill which Helps you Earn About 10,000 Dollar/Month, With No Investment of Money.

Do You Know that there are Few Copywriter who Earns Over 10,000 Dollar per Month? Do you Really Want to Know How they Earn This Huge Amount of Money Just By Working 5 Hours a Day?

For Example, A Facebook Ads Owner Want to Runabout 10 Ads/Campaign and he Has 3 Product that Means 3 Campaign Which Means 30 Ads Set in Total.

So, If a Copywriter Charge About 100 Dollar Per Ads Sales letter, then He Gonna get about 3000 Dollar…Yes, It will Take Time for him to Write, about a Week to Write all those Copies in Ads, But He Will also Earn About $3000, which is Amazing.

If He Continues his Work for About a month, then His Net Balance will be About $12,000...which is Really Unbeatable.

Can You See that How Important it is to have a High-Income Skill,

People Always Ask One Funny Question, and that is How to Get Rich From Nothing, and this is Answer, Just Invest Few Dollars in Acquiring a High-Income Skill, after that you need No Investment, but Money will Come into Your Bank Account From Nothing Investment

Now, You Might be Thinking that Ok, But Who Charge 100 Dollar only for Ads Sales Letter or Copywriting…then My Suggestion is Go to Fiverr Pro or Go to iWriter Website and Cheak How Much they Usually Charger…You will Get Shocked.

Scalable Business

Now, What Exactly is Scalable Business?

Scalable Business is Those Type of Business, Which Starts Earning Money Within the 3 Month of Launching, For Example, If You Launch a Shopify eCommerce Store, then you can Easily Go From Investment to Profit within in the Interval of 2 months.


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If you Ask Questions Like “How to Get Rich Fast”, then Scalable Business is Your Answer, you can Get Rich Fast, But the problem is this that you Need Investment.

But, You have to Remeber that this is Scalable Business, hence You Must not Invest Money on Saturated Market, because it will take time to Build Authority, and You will have to Invest a lot to Be in Profit.

High Return Investment

Now, Have you Ever Played Call of Duty, or PUBG?

These Game Companies Invest Over 10 Million Dollars/Per Game, but Amazing thing is This that as Soon as the Game Launch in Market within a Week they Earn 2-3 Times Their Investment.

Let’s Take a Simple Example

If You Watched Avenger Movies, then it Takes Really a Lot of Work and Investment But As soon as They Launch, they Earn a lot More then Their Investment…this Type of Investment is Called as High Return Investment.

This is one of the Simple Ways to Get Rich, But You will Need a Huge Amount of Investment.


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Now, tell me, If You Start from High Income Skill, then You will earn about 10,000 Dollar Per Month, which can be invested in your Scalable Business.

After that you can Invest in Scalable Business, it will help you Generate in Millions of Dollars, which will be again Invested in High Return Investment Plan.

Now, This High Return Investment that you have made will Make you Multi-Millionaire.

Can You See that How Easy it to Become Rich, but When you Start Taking Action, then these simple things will become More Complicated, at this time you will have to find the Business Mentor, who Already has to Achieve Everything in his Life?

Learn From him and this learning will make Every Complicated Part in your Business Very much Easier to Handle, Get Motivated Read Success Quotes Images That May Inspire you to Achieve Your Goals.


This is the Most Amazing Part of becoming an Entrepreneur.

As Above I Have Shared with you the Secret to Have Rich Lifestyle with Passive Income, But I Also Told you that Becoming Rich is Not Easy, you have to Manage all your Works and also sometimes you have to Fight with the Worst Situation.

This Worst Situation will make you Strong Enough to Handle the Small Problem.

But, Now You Question Might Me, Ok We Found the Secret to becoming Rich, But what is Freelanprenur.

Yes, we know that you have Heard the Word Entrepreneur Many Time in your Life But Freelanprenur is New Word For you.

Freelanprenurs are Those People, who First Invest in their Lifestyle and after that, they build their Business Around their Lifestyle.

If you Want to Grow your eCommerce Business, in this case, you will Need Three Types of People.

First will a Product Researcher Who can Bring You the Best Product Around the Market, Second One will be a Copywriter who can help you in Writing the Best Product Description, and Lastly the Facebook Ads Manager who can Help you Manages you Facebook Ads.

These Facebook Ads will Help you Generate Revenue, Now As you have Hired an Expert in all these three Filed then they Will Do Their Best to Help you generate a Lot of Revenue.

Have Seen that Anyone can Do this From Home, No Need Of Office, Neither you have to Manage your Employee, you just have Sit and See the Growth and Increasement in Revenue.

How Amazing is this?


Being Rich Seems Amazing But Achieving it takes Courage, If You Know the Path Where are You Going then it Very Much Good, But If you Don’t Know then Go See How your Mentor Work, Learn From Them and Beleive me, Following Them will make You Fortune.

Because Now you are Not Following Someone who is a Simple Person in Life, But You are Following a Fortune, which will make you a Fortune Some Day.

Always Remeber that Money is Not Your Slave, Respect Money and then see How money Respects You, Invest Money in Improving Your Skill, Because If you have Skill you will be Respected Around the Globe For your Skill.

Also, These Skill will Help you earn Money, which then you can Invest in Any of the Scalable Business, These Scalable businesses will Not Allow you earn only in Thousand But in Millions of Dollar.

It’s Very to Easy to Read the Success Path But When you actually do that, at that point in time, you will Realise How Courage it Takes. It Not Get Rich Quick Article, Instead, we can Consider this Article to be as the Path to Success, but Remeber Only you have to Walk in this Path Because You are Alone in this Path.

Can you tell me that your friend is also walking in this Path, Maybe Not?

You are Different and Special that’s why you are reading this, Otherwise, Why are you here, If you Don’t want to Become Rich and Have Passive Income in Life. So, Be Motivated and Become a Better Version of Yourself.


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